September 2011

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The Breakfast Hub: Rob Ford keeps out of the provincial election, indie video stores thrive, the question of licensing cyclists

In a strangely diplomatic move, Rob Ford is abstaining from any party endorsements in the Ontario election. [Globe and Mail] Plus more Toronto headlines after the jump


Strange Days: a head-to-head comparison of Nuit Blanche and Culture Days

This weekend, two major free arts extravaganzas are taking over the city. Nuit Blanche, from dusk Saturday to dawn Sunday, and Culture Days, which spans the whole weekend and the whole country. Either one alone is too much; how can you handle both at the same time? Let’s do a quick comparison and see what you can get out of all this artiness.


Theatre Review: The Odd Couple

Not surprisingly, when Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple premiered in 1965, it was a smashing success. A droll play about two divorced men living together as poker-playing bachelors certainly had its charms back then. It was an era when divorce was just becoming an acceptable option for couples, and a “boys will be boys” motif was always a popular cause to champion. But what was novel “fun” back then borders on “kitsch” today.

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The Breakfast Hub: Toronto is the third best city for parking, towing on the decline, texting and driving sucks

Towing has been in steady decline over the past five years. Are Torontonians turning into better parkers, or does this have something to do with the heftier parking fines in place? [Toronto Star] Plus more Toronto headlines after the jump


Here’s our take on Feist’s upcoming album (which, incidentally, is now streaming for free online)

Feist’s new album, Metals, due out Oct. 4, is easily one of the two most hotly anticipated releases of 2011. The other, with apologies to Drake, is the new compilation CD by Toronto’s Nash the Slash, dubbed The Reckless Use of Electricity.

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Q&A: Ed the Sock, who’s about to get roasted at Comedy Bar tonight

Lewd, crude and sometimes rude, Ed the Sock has been pushing the envelope on hot-button topics since the ‘90s. With all that ‘tude, it’s no surprise that the most famous tube sock in the world is long overdue for a good roasting. The first Dark Comedy Festival presents The Roast of Ed the Sock on Sept. 28 as part of its 10-day event. Just don’t mention the word "dryer." We caught up with Ed to talk about boy bands, politics and Mel Gibson.


Band of the Week: Great Bloomers

This relatively young band has been making some pretty big waves in the few years they’ve been together, garnering praise from local music rags and the likes of Gordon Lightfoot. It’s no wonder: Great Bloomers mix genres like a group of chemists, combining just the right doses of country, indie and ‘70s-era stadium rock to create pristine explosions of sound.


The Breakfast Hub: city council approves $27.6-million in cuts, gridlock gets expensive, Canadian life expectancy goes up and more

City council approved some cuts and rejected others yesterday to bring the total savings to $27.6 million. Among the cuts, council voted to seek buyers for the Toronto Zoo and the city’s three government-owned theatres. [Toronto Star; Toronto Sun] Plus more Toronto headlines after the jump


Toronto gets its own edition of the A.V. Club, the non-parodic, arts and culture-oriented sister publication to The Onion

Remember when Toronto used to be a “two blog” town? When BlogTO and Torontoist were the main players when it came to local, and locally reported, online content? Thanks to new(ish) startups like Toronto Standard and OpenFile, it’s fair to say that our online media landscape is changing. As in, our two-voice-strong chorus has turned into a veritable cacophony.

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Trending in Theatre: Another Africa, Suddenly Mommy!, The Studio, Chess The Musical, Bigger Than Jesus

The hit of Luminato 2010, this high-tech staging weaves a sharp-witted and entertaining story about the relationship between Africa and the West. Bluma Appel Theatre at St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, 27 Front Street East, 416-366-7723. Sept. 29 - Oct. 22.