Top Toronto chefs give dining an upgrade at Pearson


For many Toronto flyers, the words “airport dining” conjure up images of poking around in a pile of limp coffee-shop sandwiches or ramming some fast food in their mouths on the way to the gate.

But that may be about to change. Pearson Airport has just announced a huge revamp to its dining options, with plans for eight new restaurants from some of Toronto’s finest chefs.

One of the first to open later this year will be Trillium from Claudio Aprile (of Origin), a restaurant and bar that will serve up snacks and small plates to travellers in terminal three. Aprile’s menu is dubbed “global tapas” and is expected to run to breakfast omelets, salads and open-faced sandwiches. He’ll be competeing for customers in terminal three with celebrity chef Mark McEwan, who will be opening Nobel Burger Bar, where an open kitchen will be turning out gourmet burgers.

Over in terminal one, passengers will be able to munch on soups and salads at Devin Connell’s Heirloom or take the edge off it all with a few of creations from a new cocktail bar called Apropos.

And — lest you doubt Pearson’s ambition — there are even plans to install iPads at tables, allowing time-pressed passengers to order their food electronically.

The first restaurants are expected to open at the end of this year, with the rest to follow in 2013.

So, next time an Air Canada wildcat strike leaves you with time on your hands at the airport, at least you'll be well fed.

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