Too Close To Call: Craft Dogs vs. Fancy Franks


Left: Brian Morin of Craft Dogs. Right: Angelos Economopoulos of Fancy Franks.

To celebrate the return of the Toronto Blue Jays, we pit haute hot dog purveyors Craft Dogs against Fancy Franks. Who’s top dog? You choose. 





Brian Morin (pictured), Kathleen McGinn, Craig (Krusty) Smith, 2013
Owner(s), year established: Angelos Economopoulos, 2012
Because everyone loves hot dogs.
We are making wholesome real wieners and have the opportunity to redefine the way people think about hot dogs.
Why hot dogs?
Because everybody loves a
good hot dog!
Summers in northern Ontario cottage country eating outside on a picnic table.
First memory of eating a hot dog?
My first time ever having a hot
dog was at a friend’s birthday
barbecue when I was seven.
I had three that day.
Our Naked Dog is number one —
then you can dress it with all your favourite toppings.
What’s the most popular dog you serve?
The Franks Coney Island with
house-made chili, mustard and
chopped raw onions.
We either smoke using organic
apple wood, slow dry roast or poach. Then we grill
until hot and snappy. 
How do you cook the dogs?

We flat grill our hot dogs.

A good clean pils or pale ale.

Beer to pair with a classic dog?

Molson Canadian with any
hot dog.

Our current rabbit and bacon dog with fresh tarragon and sautéed morels, then topped with pears, fennel and mustard, is high
on the list.
Quite possibly.
5 King St. E., 647-748-2033

What’s your most fanciful creation?



Will the Jays finally make a run for the pennant this year?




Frankie Goes to Buffalo. It’s inspired by my love of chicken wings — all the amazing toppings you get on a wing but on a hot dog.

Absolutely — GO JAYS!

326 College St., 416-920-3647


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