Taste Test: Toronto’s top salads that eat like a meal


Delica Kitchen’s Devin Connell

It’s hard to make a meal of most greens, but here are eight that are filling and fulfilling. Say hello to the freshest plates of spring with Delica Kitchen’s Devin Connell as she susses out Toronto’s healthy and hearty salads. 

Winner: Power flock
Chicken, black beans, goji berries
“The crunchy chickpeas are amazing, and I love the dressing and pickled onions. You think that there’s going to be too much going on, but it all works.” 
Flock, 97 Harbord St., $15.50

Mega life
Tofu, spinach, alfalfa & sunflower sprouts
“It’s really huge. I find the spinach is sucking up all the dressing, so it’s a bit soggy, but if you want a super health kick, go for this.” 
Fresh, 90 Eglinton Ave. E., $14

Cavalo nero 
Chicken, Lacinato kale, toasted pine nuts
“This is definitely something I would order. It’s nice. They’ve marinated the kale, so it’s not that rabbit food texture, and I like the sweetness of the currants.”
Trattoria Nervosa, 75 Yorkville Ave., $22.98

Steak, avocado, berries, bell peppers
“The steak is cooked perfectly. The vegetables are very fresh, none of the lettuce is wilted. I like the addition of blackberries, but the dressing is too sweet.”
Glow, 7 Marie Labatte Rd. #E1, $25

Red & white quinoa, carrot/cumin dressing
“The quinoa is cooked well. The fresh herbs are nice in it, but it’s missing some acidity and some seasoning. I feel like the carrot dressing is AWOL.”
Sorelle & Co., 1050 Rutherford Rd., $9.95  


Kale, sweet potato, apple celeriac slaw
“This salad is healthy and the almonds are nice in it. The slaw has a nice crunch, but the dressing is pretty chunky, and it doesn’t really cover the greens.”  
Live Organic Food Bar, 264 Dupont St., $15


Split pea fritters, lentils, mint, currants
“The cauliflower couscous feels like a garnish. The fritters have a nice flavour. I would like to eat those on their own. And I find the dressing a little bitter.”
Planta, 1221 Bay St., $17.25

Avocado, corn, blue cheese, chicken
“I feel like they’re making it without much thought of seasonality. It’s one of those junk food salads where you’ve got your blue cheese and your corn.”  
Salad Days, 2 Bloor St. W., $8.25

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Nikki Gill is the managing editor at Post City Magazines. When she's away from her desk, you can either find her sipping on delicious teas or trotting the globe. Follow her adventures on Twitter @nikkjit.

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