First Look: Brock Sandwich, a new Bloordale takeout spot


Pulled pork shoulder sandwich with mustard glaze and cole slaw, $10 (Images: Caroline Aksich)

The mat that welcomes patrons to Bloordale’s newest sandwich shop, Brock Sandwich, reads, “Ontario Beauty Salon.” But don’t get your braid in a bunch; this isn’t some amateur hour where a bunch of barbers exchanged hair shears for butcher blocks. Brock Sandwich is helmed by Matt Gregoris, Dom Amaral and Peter Ornelas, who all previously worked for Susur Lee.

In setting up their new restaurant, the trio revamped a 450-square foot hair salon, gutting almost everything save the 80-year-old floor. (They removed the laminate tiles and plywood themselves and cleaned up the tar-covered hardwood floor.)

The itty-bitty eat-in area seats seven, but there’s a back room that is slated to open come winter, which will seat another six. A sandwich prep area takes up about two-thirds of the front room and allows for patrons to watch as their heaving sandwiches are loaded up with toppings like apple-smoked bacon, house-brined pork shoulder and crispy buttermilk chicken. (The sandwiches are stacked so high that about half way through you give up on two-handing them and opt for the fork and knife.)

The shop has only been open two weeks, but last Saturday and Sunday they sold out of nearly everything they had, going through around 150 sandwiches a day. The restaurant industry vets were tired of the late nights and wanted a change from the True Blood lifestyle, so Brock Sandwich opens at 7 a.m. with two breakfast sandwiches on offer. One is made with peameal bacon ($7.50), and the other with strip bacon ($6.75); both are done up with charred tomato, mustard seed mayo, lettuce and a fried egg.

These ex-Susurites would “lose their minds,” Gregoris says, if they had to make the same ’wiches week in and week out. There are currently five sandwiches on offer (and yes, one is vegetarian), but only the crispy buttermilk chicken — drenched in piri piri sauce, piled with charred onions and served on a foccacia kaiser roll — is expected to be a menu mainstay.

Brock Sandwich, 1260 Bloor St. W., 647-748-1260

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