Best food and drink in midtown Toronto for 2016


L–R: Sylvie Thobor (Thobors), Jackie Lin (Shoushin) and Tara Longo (The Healthy Butcher)

Best French bakery
Only Thobors knows how to get that perfect baguette consistency.  627 Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Sylvie’s pick: best seafood
“I like to go to Zee Grill next door. I love the staff. And their seafood is very fresh and always good!”  641 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

­Best sushi master
Jackie Lin entices omakase lovers north to Shoushin, his stunning restaurant. 3328 Yonge St.
Jackie’s pick: best Italian
“If I’m in the mood for classic Italian, I’ll head to Il Mulino for their incredible linguine all’anatra with smoked duck and mushrooms.” 1060 Eglinton Ave. W.

Best organic butcher
When looking for local, organic and grass-fed meat, we go to The Healthy Butcher.  298 Eglinton Ave. W.
Tara’s pick: best Indian
“My favourite place for Indian is The Copper Chimney. I normally get the veggie dishes there and I love the methi matar malai.” 2050 Avenue Rd.

Best new sandwich
Head to the ’hood’s new Banh Mi Boys during the lunch hour and get in line. Wait for the kalbi beef banh mi with daikon and carrot and the steamed bao stuffed with fried chicken. Worth it. 2365 Yonge St.

Best French resto
Since flinging open its Yorkvillian doors, Chabrol has been the boîte to visit for a bite of France. Chef Doug Penfold does impeccable bistro fare like ttoro, galantine of chicken and that famed apple tarte. 90 Yorkville Ave.

Best ramen
Mention ramen, and there’s bound to be a debate raging. For us, Touhenboku takes the, well, noodle. Go white ramen in creamy broth or take it up a notch with the red spicy version. 2459 Yonge St.

Best classic sammies
This wee shop does it every time. Black Camel is known for the meats, but veg-heads can indulge too. Try the roasted veg with caramelized onion and plenty of pesto mayo. 4 Crescent Rd.

Best burger
Burger snobs can’t go wrong at Holy Chuck. The massively inventive menu jumps from their signature burg to one with parm, soppressata and peperoncini to one doused in jerk sauce. 1450 Yonge St.


Best croissant
Buttery, flaky and pillowy all at once, Rahier croissants check off all the boxes. We’ve sampled golden crescents from all over the city, and this one always gets our vote. 1586 Bayview Ave.

Best deli meats
When Queen Bey orders up mounds and mountains of sammies from Caplansky’s Deli you know that the stuff pulls its weight. We’re stoked Yorkville houses the new locale. 156 Cumberland St.

Best ice cream
OK, so the new digs don’t possess quite the same charm as the old (oh, we pine for the cramped entryway), but our hearts still belong to Dutch Dreams. Old school is where it’s at. 36 Vaughan Rd.

Best indie coffee
The folks at De Mello Palheta know that coffee is a serious business. Unlike big chain offerings, their coffee is seasonal, rotating throughout the year to ensure it’s both fresh and eco-friendly. 2489 Yonge St.

Best for veg​
It’s hard to tire of Fresh when there’s always something new to mow down on. The Transformer salad is a healthy beast, with quinoa, avo, edamame, cashew scallion pâté and more. 90 Eglinton Ave. E.

Best juices
The juice game in the city is on. We heart Greenhouse Juice Co. for its organic cold-pressed liquids that make you feel healthy by proximity. East of Eden with kale and apple is a must, and the chia hydrator is just plain tongue fun. 5 Macpherson Ave.

Best taco
Finally, La Carnita graces the north with its sweet, sweet presence. The compact taco menu includes winners like the cod number with lime crema, pickled red cabbage and green apple. 130 Eglinton Ave. E.

Best casual Japanese
It’s always an easy “yes” when Edo-Ko is suggested for dinner. Tuck into bites like yakitori before going for rolls like o-ebi mango with shrimp or the picturesque rainbow dragon roll.
425 Spadina Rd.

Best after-work fun
Hit up Dupont newbie Bar Begonia, nab a patio seat under the gaze of a smiley face and the workday is a distant blip on the radar. Oliver Stern’s cocktails and Trista Sheen’s eats are it. 252 Dupont St.

Best homey Italian
Our love never wanes for the big-hearted Mamma Rosa and her Seven Numbers, where she dishes out southern Ital soul food. Veal lasagne, osso bucco and sexy duck leg? Always. 516 Eglinton Ave. W.

Best new watering hole
With its stellar cocktail menu, tasty nibbles (wee and big) plus a gorgeous back patio, Bar Reyna makes you feel like you’ve been whisked off to the Mediterranean for an eve. 158 Cumberland St.

Best pizza
Neapolitan pizza snobs can rest easy at Viva Napoli, where the pies are blessed with approval from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Try the Napoli with anchovies, capers and plenty of fior di latte. 679 Mt. Pleasant Rd.­

Best brunch
We head to Hotel Gelato for a classic brunch with the best of them. Sip on a bittersweet mimosa (with Campari) with their lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote. Yum. 532 Eglinton Ave. W.

Best new cocktails
The kids at Clocktower Bar are slaying it with their liquid libations like slushies and classics comme Negronis and tasty Paper Planes. 1210 Yonge St.

Best bagel
Make like you’re in Brooklyn and hit up Schmaltz Appetizing, which goes beyond the schmear. Order the Plotz, loaded with whitefish salad, sour cream and pastel-hued wasabi tobiko. 414 Dupont St.

Best lobster roll
There’s no denying that Smoked & Cracked knows its lobster: lobster chowder, lobster boil and the warm lobster roll with lashings of tarragon butter. It doesn’t get much better. 516 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Still the best..
Best Dim Sum - 
Kwan - 1496 Yonge St.​
Best Indonesian - Little Sister - 2031 Yonge St.​
Best Pho - Pho King Fabulous - 2411 Yonge St.
Best Mexican - Milagro - 3187 Yonge St.
Best Savoury Pies - Wisey’s Bakehouse - 874 Eglinton Ave. E
Best Craft Brewery - Amsterdam Brewery - 45 Esandar Dr.
Best Jerk Chicken - Albert's Real Jamaican - 542 St. Clair Ave. W
Best Old-Fashioned Candy - Uncle John's Candy Shack - 635 Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Best Pub - The Abbot -3367 Yonge St.
Best Wings - Duff's Famous Wings - 1604 Bayview Ave
Best Fish 'n Chips - Olde Yorke Fish & Chips - 96 Laird Dr.
Best Grilled Fish - Zucca - 2150 Yonge St.
Best Delivery Pizza - Camarra's - 2899 Dufferin St.
Best for Salads - Delica - 1440 Yonge St.
Best Health Food Shop - Noah's Natural Foods - 2395 Yonge St.
Best Middle Eastern - Täbulè - 2009 Yonge St.
Best Club Sandwich - The Rosedale Diner - 1164 Yonge St.
Best Gelato - Il Gelatiere - 647 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

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