Taste Test: Who has the best cinnamon buns in town?


When the holidays roll around, McEwan’s favourite guilty pleasure is some old school Black Forest cake.

We asked chef Mark McEwan to undertake the arduous task of sampling the city’s best cinnamon buns. Which baker was crowned king? Whose buns should grace your holiday table? Read on. 

Winner: Iced perfection
Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns
“I like this one,” says McEwan after the first bite. “It’s the right size; it is very balanced; and I really like the icing on it. It also has good moisture.” 
825 College St., $4 

Runner-up: A balanced bun
Glory Hole Doughnuts
“This one takes second place,” says McEwan. “This one is very well balanced; it is a good size; and it has good moisture. It also has the right amount of icing.” 
1596 Queen St. W., $4.50

A surprising third place
“This one is super classic. It’s the right size; it has the right icing and the right look overall. You could heat it up for a couple of minutes and it would be sugar heaven,” he says. 
Fairview Mall, 1800 Sheppard Ave. E., $3.99

On the softer side
Rolling Pin
“These people know what they are doing. This one is super soft and spongy, and it tastes good,” says McEwan. “It almost feels a bit commercial, but it’s very good.” 
1970 Avenue Rd., $3.95

A cinnamon raisin twist
Sorelle and Co. 
“This one is very different. It’s kind of old school European. The sugars are cooked more, and there’s a little bit more of that really intense caramel and almost rum raisin flavour.” 
1050 Rutherford Rd., $18/loaf

The size is right
Bunner’s Bake Shop
“This one is a really good size,” says McEwan of the bun titled the Mama size. “I also like the way they’ve done the icing. My only comment would be that it’s just a little hard.” 
244 Augusta Ave., $5

An alternative option
Almond Butterfly
“This is a good option for someone who is looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free cinnamon bun,” says McEwan. “If that’s what you’re into, this is a good choice.” 
100 Harbord St., $4.50

A bun with a twist
“There’s no icing on this one, which is interesting. They have a jam that acts like a glaze on here. It’s really big, but it’s a very good product. I just miss having a little bit of icing,” he says.
268 Howland Ave., $5.50

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Nikki Gill is the managing editor at Post City Magazines. When she's away from her desk, you can either find her sipping on delicious teas or trotting the globe. Follow her adventures on Twitter @nikkjit.

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