Taste Test: Chef Mark McEwan puts Toronto's smoothie bowls through their paces


Pair your smoothie bowl with a fresh cold-pressed juice! Most of these spots serve them, but McEwan said his fave is Refuel juice.

Image: CJ Baek

For those of you looking to eat healthy in the new year, chef Mark McEwan sussed out the city’s best smoothie bowls. This Instagram-worthy breakfast is all the rage. Read on to find out which bowl takes the top spot.

Winner: Goji berries for the win
“It is tasty. The combination of the peanut butter, goji berries, coconut and banana puts this bowl at number one. And it has nice presentation.”
70 Yorkville Ave. & 1470 Centre St., #15 in Thornhill, $13.98  

Runner-up: The perfect ratio
The Good Press
“This is a good size. I like the ratio of solids to liquid in the bowl. It has got nice textural contrast and it holds a lot. It feels more like a meal. There’s lots of fruit, good granola, and it tastes good,” says McEwan.
87 Yorkville Ave., $10.25

3rd Place: Top-notch presentation
Calii Love
“This is a good-looking bowl. It’s a big portion for me, but it’s tasty, very nicely structured, and it has good eye appeal to it,” says McEwan of the acai bowl with blueberries, banana, coconut, strawberries and granola.
1235 Bay St., $12.37

A bright & fresh taste
OJ’s Toronto
“I really like the unsweetened aspect of the acai,” says McEwan of the base blend topped with strawberry, banana, granola and blueberries. “It’s brighter and fresher tasting. I really like the taste of it.”
120 Adelaide St. W., R3, $7.50 

Peanut butter time
“This one is very different,” says McEwan. This protein bowl contains almonds, flax seed, organic cocoa and more. “There’s a lot of peanut butter in there. It would be challenging to eat the whole bowl.”
471 Church St., $9.99

A heartier option
Kupfert & Kim
“There is a lot going on in there. I don’t know if I could eat a whole bowl,” says McEwan of the apple, granola, hemp seeds, chia, blueberries and more. “The blend is very much to the rich side too.”
140 Spadina Ave., $10

A jar of PB & jelly 
ELXR Juice Lab
This one is a grab-and-go style with coconut yogurt, peanut butter mousse and wild blueberry chia jam. “It’s got a very unique taste to it,” says McEwan. 
55 Avenue Rd. & pop-up in Bayview Village, $6.50

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