Taste Test: Father's Day Grillfest

Celebrity chef Mark McEwan and Drew Ellerby  of One restaurant joined us to ’cue up and taste the best cuts of steak from some of the city’s top butchers and glam grocers


Mark McEwan and Drew Ellerby should us how to grill the best steak.

Wet-aged New York strip loin

This one has the best fat flavour, says McEwan. “The fat tastes caramelized, and it has a pronounced beef flavour. Super tender, just the right cut and thickness.” “It tasted like what a steak was supposed to taste like,” says Ellerby.
2901 Bayview Ave., $26.99/lb


New York strip loin

“Nice and tender and nicely marbled,” says McEwan. “It’s still a very good steak, just slightly less so.” Ellerby points out, “It was the right cut and thickness. The butchering on it was great.”
1589 Bayview Ave., $34.99/lb


Prime strip loin Angus 

McEwan and Ellerby like the steak but  agree it lacks the flavour of the top two. It was tender but cut too thinly. “It cooks faster so you can’t get a bark on the steak,” says McEwan.
1097A Yonge St., $39/lb


Wet-aged rib-eye
“Rib-eyes should be thick so you can caramelize the fat. A skinny rib-eye doesn’t do the cut any justice,” says Ellerby. McEwan says it was tender but average.
1118 Centre St., Unit 21, Thornhill, $65/kg


AAA New York strip loin

“It tastes grassy but also has a lot of marbling,” says McEwan. The chefs both agree that it was fine overall, but it was “a bit short on flavour.” 4
46 Summerhill Ave., $22.99/lb


Wagyu tenderloin, grade 4–6

Ellerby likes how nice and tender this cut is. McEwan says, “The taste had some grassy notes at the end, which made it that much more interesting.”
298 Eglinton Ave. W., $48/lb


Top sirloin
“The flavour is alright, it’s just the cut,” says Ellerby. “You need to marinate a steak like this. If you sliced it thick and made sandwiches, you could do a nice job,” says McEwan.
857 Bloor St. W., $13.99/lb


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