The best casual eats in midtown Toronto

Our pick of the tastiest finds just north of Bloor Street


Tacos at La Carnita

Post City searched high and low through midtown Toronto to compile this list of the neighbourhood’s top culinary treats and experiences. Get your fill of everything from smokey barbecue to fresh baked bread to tasty seafood.

Tacos, tacos and more tacos. Whether you go meat (chorizo with cotija cheese and mango salsa), fish (cod with green apple matchsticks) or veg (’shrooms with chili crema), there’s no missteps at LA CARNITA
130 Eglinton Ave. E.

The chicken at STOCKYARDS is a must: juicy, buttermilk marinated and enrobed in a perfect golden crust. If ribs are what you’re after, show up on Tuesday, Friday or Sunday at 5 p.m., no other day will do. 
699 St. Clair Ave. W.

Seasonal fare at 7 NUMBERS includes squash blossom fritters that come out once a year in fall — but the lasagna is a menu fixture. Catch chef Mama Rosa in the kitchen, doling out that special ingredient: love. 
516 Eglinton Ave. W.

Whatever your heart desires, THE ABBOTT has it all. Get the club sammie (maple-ginger glazed chicken with bacon on brioche) or the cottage pie (gravy-laced beef and veg with cheddar mashed potatoes). 
508 Eglinton Ave. W.

At KAY PACHA, start with a pisco cocktail before diving into chef Won Choi's ceviche. While you're there, try the chaufas — a Peruvian Chinese fried rice dish served with shrimps, scallops, mussels and squid.
744 St. Clair Ave. W. 

If you're from around here, you have countless memories of meals at HOUSE OF CHAN. They've been in the biz for over 50 years, and is definitely a neighbourhood fave. Whether you're there for the steak or the old school Cantonese and Szechuan dishes, you will not be disappointed.    
514 Eglinton Ave. W.

Dim sum at Kwan

Every day, KWAN dishes out delights until 4 p.m.: steamed ’shroom and truffle dumplings, chicken siu mai, pork pot stickers. Save space for fried sesame balls with custard cream and salty egg yolk.   
1496 Yonge St.

Five days of marinating, slow-cooking and resting result in this perfect brisket sandwich that sells out daily. Don’t you call yourself a Torontonian unless you’ve eaten a brisket sando from BLACK CAMEL
4 Crescent Rd.

There isn’t much Indonesian food in T.O., but fortunately LITTLE SISTER does an incredible job. Nibble on satay lilet skewers with Balinese spiced chicken and flavour-packed nasi goreng. 
2031 Yonge St. 

MY FAVOURITE ICE CREAM SHOP should be your fave too. Flavours like lemon meringue and roasted marshmallow sit pretty alongside Insta-friendly cotton candy rainbow sorbet and a kulfi-inspired frozen yogurt. 
3 Macpherson Ave.

With a focus on many-ingredient salads (the Thai one starts with coconut, mango, crispy rice noodles and peanuts), PALM LANE puts health first. But you can also have a glass of rosé because balance, right?  
55 Avenue Rd. 

It’s not only about fish-topped rice at EDO-KO; it’s got lunch bento boxes, chicken teriyaki dinner … and there are rolls. Try the Waving Unagi with barbecued eel and bonito flakes. Yum.
425 Spadina Rd.

This nostalgia-inducing sub shop reaches back to 1974. BELLY BUSTERS can conjure up the classics (think salami or BLTs) and also suffices those late night cravings with closing times at 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. 
3447 Yonge St.

How do you like your lobster? In a roll, in some chowder, in mac and cheese? At SMOKED AND CRACKED, you can indulge in all of the above (and more!), and they will all be delicious.   
516 Mt. Pleasant Rd. 

The Bilog with garlic fried rice, a fried duck egg and side salad (IMAGE: YVONNE TSUI)

Mow down on the LASA sampler platter with all the things: BBQ pork skewers in soy 7 Up glaze, veg lumpia with jicama and green beans, chicken adobo and more. Save space for sweets like ube-stuffed turon. 
634 St. Clair Ave. W.

Carb lovers can savour THOBORS’ fresh baguettes, like-in-Paris croissants and veg-studded fougasse. Sweeter bites include macarons in flavours like apricot-rosemary and ornate patisseries aplenty. 
627 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Bayview’s KAMASUTRA has been wooing the nabe with their northern Indian fare since 2004. Munch on shatter-crisp onion bhaji and the indulgent veg-friendly Malai kofta (for cheese and cashew lovers.) 
1522 Bayview Ave.

OLD YORKE FISH AND CHIPS is a family-run chippy with proper English roots stemming from the ’50s. Options include flaky cod, haddock or halibut, lightly battered and served with hand-cut fries. 
96 Laird Dr.

When the mood for takeout strikes, dial up C'EST BON. It’s got egg fried rice with chicken, pork and shrimp. It’s got spicy Szechuan noodles with veg. It’s got chow mein. And more!
2685 Yonge St.

A mainstay of the Yonge ’n’ Eg nabe, DE MELLO PALHETA has scooped up many an award for its work, including a recent one for latte art. Coffee can be quaffed in the colourful café or purchased for home. 
2489 Yonge St.

This island outfit serves up plenty of heat. Tuck into the RITZ CARIBBEAN FOODS classics, like oxtail, chana roti, festival and, yes, that jerk chicken. For dessert, some rum cake will do just fine. 
32 Eglinton Ave. W.

Midday eats are never dull, thanks to PANTRY’s tasty mix ’n’ match options. Perennial faves include jerk chicken, teriyaki-glazed grilled salmon, coconut curry quinoa salad, and the prices won’t hurt the wallet. 
1094 Yonge St.

When we invited chef Mark McEwan to taste test the best deli sandwiches in Toronto, ROSE AND SONS DELI was the clear winner, so it's no surprise it got the title of best deli as well.   
176 Dupont St.

No game night is complete without an order or a table at DUFF'S FAMOUS WINGS. The super-sharable menu items include generous servings of deep-fried wings with a wide range of sauces. And for an extra kick in the pants, the Death and Armageddon sauces are always waiting.   
1604 Bayview Ave. 

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