Hillcrest Village one of Toronto’s hot real estate pockets


33 Alberta Ave. is one of three homes Josie Stern sold on the same street

It took just six days and $166K over asking to nab this family home in Hillcrest Village.

List price: $1.249 million
Selling price: $1.415 million
Days on market: 6
History: Sold for $751,000 in 2010
Josie Stern, Sutton Group-Associates Realty Inc., talks to Post City about 33 Alberta Ave.

Selling points
It’s a massive property, with a 25-foot-wide lot. It’s a semi, so it doesn’t have setbacks, so it’s larger than a 25-foot detached. It has large principal rooms, a great open kitchen and main floor bathroom. It has this little office on the main floor and a private yard. It’s also got a really great third floor, which the owners were using as a teenager retreat, with two bedrooms and a bathroom. 

There are lots of young families moving in, and it’s been very active for about 17 years now and still offers value compared to other central areas. There are good schools and lots of trees on the street. It’s also not far from the Wychwood Barns, about a 10-minute walk. 

What went down?
It actually sold before the open house. We’ve sold three on that same street in the last two months, and I don’t think any one of them reached the open house stage. It was a multiple-offer situation with a number of interested parties — not sure how many. 

Who purchased the home?
A family with two or three kids bought the home.

How busy is the market right now?
Right now the market is very active. It came out of the doldrums of April to July, and we are beginning to see an upsurge. It probably has to do with buyers trying to avoid the stress test in January where buyers have to qualify at a rate two points greater than they would get. The government wants to make sure people don’t take on more debt than they can afford.… I think we are back to more of a seller’s market than the spring with multiples happening much more than in the summer.

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