Let's get physical this January with Jeanne's picks


Image: CJ Baek

With the holidays now just a memory, it’s time to get back to health. We got Jeanne to pick the city’s best gear to get fit and have fun in.  

A) Regal look
Hyba, Eaton Centre, $149.90
“I love the royal purple. A lot of attention has been paid to the detailing.”

B) Luxe life
Sporting Life, 2665 Yonge St., $395 & $295
“Wow — Pucci! The fabric is just so dreamy. Make a statement!”

C) Purrfect
Aurum, $165
“This is so chic; every girl needs one! I used to wear catsuits in the ’80s.…”

D) Floral find
Lululemon, 153 Cumberland St., $88
“Beautiful artisanal embroidery combined with something very practical.”

E) Slick staple 
Lululemon, 153 Cumberland St., $128
“I have a jacket of this nature. They keep refining the design.”

F) Dancin’ shoes
Sporting Life, 2665 Yonge St., $179.99
“I’ve seen a gazillion  sneakers in my day, but I haven’t seen ones quite like this. So much fun!”

G) Sleek chic
Michi, $186 & $100
“Very sexy; this is so beyond gymwear. I just love the look of a turtleneck.”

H) Rise ’n’ shine
Sporting Life, 2665 Yonge St., $90
“These are so cool the way they have two layers. Just a beautifully artful print.”

I) Green run
Lolë, Bayview Village, $130
“I love the fact that these cosy running pants are made from recycled polyester!”

J) Feather-light
The Runners Shop, 180 Bloor St. W., $159.99
“Nice and lightweight, you can do some serious running in these for sure.”

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Post City's fashion columnist is one of Canada’s most trusted a­­uthorities on style and fashion, having covered the industry for more than 25 years as a journalist, speaker and author. Now watch Jeanne in her current style editor role on the Shopping Channel’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker.

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