Jeanne Beker on the hottest shoe trends for fall

The fashion icon picks her favourite loafers, ankle boots and block heels


Bye-bye sandals. Fall is here, so it’s time to cover those toes. But fret not, this season brings with it three of the classiest looks — loafers, ankle boots and block heels. We asked Jeanne Beker to pick her favourite pairs of each.

LOAFERS (from top)

“Nicholas Kirkwood makes a beautiful shoe, from the pointy toe to the gorgeous heel with the black pearl detailing. Really elegant.”
Davids, 66 Bloor St. W., $1,000

“Ferragamo just makes the best quality, and I love the fact that the buckle can be reversed for a gold effect.”
Sporting Life, 2665 Yonge St., $820

“This is almost a cross between a ballet flat and a loafer. This is the real deal pony hair, and they’re lined with leather.”
Gravitypope, 1010 Queen St. W., $150

“These are so cosy! This is shearling, I believe, on top. It says relaxation in a very posh, ultra luxe way.”
Specchio, 1240 Bay St., $695

ANKLE BOOTS (from top)

“It reminds me of a cross between a go-go boot and a Beatle boot, so very ’60s.”
Aldo, Promenade mall, $140

“I’m in love with these. They’re velvet (so vegan-friendly) boots, and they’re artful and artistic.”
Studio D, 2570 Yonge St., $995

“They’re sleek and timeless: a classic dressy suede boot with this graphic detailing up the sides. ”
Zvelle,, $505

“It has beautiful embroidery and interesting openings on the side and it will be featured on TSC this month.”
Ron White, Bayview Village, $395

BLOCK HEELS (from top)‚Äč

“You could dance your way through a David Bowie video in these. There’s something futuristic about them.”
Specchio, 1240 Bay St., $595

“I can’t imagine this not going with anything. I love this colour. It has a nice square toe and a perfect heel height.”
L’Intervalle, Eaton Centre, $148

“These Dries Van Noten shoes are to die for, from the beautiful fabric to the shape of the heel.”
Specchio, 1240 Bay St., $795

“Lucite, a great throwback to the ’60s and ’70s, these are beautifully designed with both a retro and modern feeling.”
Davids, 66 Bloor St. W., $1,195

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