#90 Chiu Chow Boy

Chiu Chow Boy

  • Opened 1998
  • 3261 Kennedy Rd., Units 3 & 4, Toronto (map)
  • 416-335-0336

Chiuchow is a city in the Cantonese province Guangdong, which means its food is lightly sauced and they tend to let ingredients speak for themselves. One often finds garlic and vinegar as a light sauce for poultry in Chiu Chow cooking, and at Chiu Chow Boy they do superbly tender duck like that, with subtle five-spice flavouring in its flesh. The long green garlic chives that we see in Chinese markets appear with sweet chewy Chinese sausage and Chinese summer squash as garnish for noodles. XO (the famous sauce of Hong Kong, made from long cooking-down of dried shrimps and scallops with chili, Chinese ham, garlic and onion in oil) appears as benediction for stir-fried turnip, rendering it an astonishment of delight. Any cook who can do that to turnip has my vote.

  • Chiu Chow Boy
  • 3261 Kennedy Rd., Units 3 & 4, Toronto (map)
  • 416-335-0336

  • Chef: Tuyen Vuong
  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Cost of dinner for two: $30
  • Hours: Mon. to Sun. 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Meals served: Lunch, dinner, late night
  • Veggie-friendly: Can accommodate
  • Wines available: 4
  • BYOB?: Yes
  • Corkage fee: $8
  • Patio: No
  • Private party area: Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible: No
  • CC accepted: No
  • Parking: Street parking available
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