#86 Kingyo


Does Toronto need yet another izakaya import from Vancouver? If it’s Kingyo, yes! For the silly price of $4.20 you get tako wasabi — raw octopus marinated with wasabi stems and kelp, with ultra crunchy nori. You spoon the octopus onto the nori, roll, crunch and sigh with pleasure. DIY has never been so much fun. Tajima beef, kissin’ cousin to Kobe but even more marbled and tasty, comes thin sliced, raw, with a sizzling hot black stone. You lay the meat on the stone for less than a minute and dip it in hot/sweet house BBQ or butter sauce, and inhale. Fabulous goma ramen salad is chewy salty kelp ribbons with sweet BBQ pork, crunch from cucumber and noodles and deep rich flavour from sesame cod roe dressing with a hint of sweet rice vinegar. For $7.80! Skip the sushi — what they do best is cook.

  • Kingyo
  • 51B Winchester St., Toronto (map)
  • 647-748-2121
  • www.kingyotoronto.ca

  • Chef: Koji Zenimaru
  • Sous Chef: Shori Imanishi
  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Cost of dinner for two: $55
  • Hours: Mon. to Sun. 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Meals served: Lunch, dinner
  • Veggie-friendly: Yes
  • Wines available: 8
  • BYOB?: Yes
  • Corkage fee: $30
  • Patio: No
  • Private party area: No
  • Wheelchair accessible: No
  • CC accepted: Yes
  • Parking: Street parking available
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