#68 Taste of China

Taste of China

I thought Spadina was mostly finished for Chinese food and have been overjoyed to fall in love with Taste of China, whose fresh seafood (much of it live) is the biggest Sino-thrill south of Highway 7. In summertime they bring in live B.C. spot prawns whose sweetness is divine. They braise small fresh clams with Chinese radish, clam broth and toasted golden garlic over rice vermicelli. Their giant Vancouver crab is perfectly deep-fried and jazzed with chili and pork. Fresh razor clams come in perfectly balanced black bean sauce. Salt and pepper egg tofu is both feather-light and crisp. Don’t even look at the menu: Sit near the front in my favourite server’s station and let her call the shots.

  • Taste of China
  • 338 Spadina Ave., Toronto (map)
  • 416-348-8828
  • www.tasteofchinarestaurant.ca

  • Chef: Ping Cham Yeung
  • Cuisine: Chinese,Seafood
  • Cost of dinner for two: $25
  • Hours: Sun. to Thurs. 11:30 a.m. to 4 a.m.; Fri. to Sat. 11:30 a.m. to 5 a.m.
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Meals served: Lunch, dinner, late night
  • Veggie-friendly: Yes
  • Wines available: 15
  • BYOB?: Yes
  • Corkage fee: $5+
  • Patio: No
  • Private party area: No
  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes
  • CC accepted: Yes (no American Express)
  • Parking: Street parking available, parking lot nearby
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