How We Get There


Six Private Companies

To ensure every resident and visitor to the area who wants a copy of the Post can easily get one, our boxes and racks are filled with 8,000 copies every month at our neighbourhoods’ busiest retailers and highest density intersections.

At Post city magazines, we go to extraordinary lengths to guarantee delivery. Six private distribution companies and, in some areas, Canada Post letter carriers deliver our magazines to the front door of every home in our neighbourhoods. Our crews distribute over 155,000 magazines each month for a total of almost two million copies delivered each year!

Quality Control

Personal Supervision

As the publication is being delivered, our independent auditor is out in the field, monitoring all six private distribution companies and ensuring the quality of our delivery. Neville Thomas, owner and president of Market Distribution and Auditing Services, personally supervises each area. Neville has over 20 years of experience in monitoring door-to-door distribution and, during that time, has supervised deliveries for some of Canada’s largest corporations.

Audited Circulation

Third Party Auditor

We’ve retained Verified Audit Circulation to guarantee that our circulation data is accurate, useful and current. As a third party audit company, we pay them – but they work for you. Using random telephone surveys, regular quarterly computerized reports and surprise visual spot checks, Verified reports accurate and unbiased information about how many magazines we distribute and who gets them. Verified has been auditing free and paid publications since 1951. Some of their other clients include the Chicago Tribune, Toronto’s Now Magazine and Eye Weekly.

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