Insert Program

Delivering Toronto's
Top Neighbourhoods
for over 25 Years



Whether it's a postcard, a pamphlet or a flyer, we deliver your message to Toronto's most affluent and well-established homeowners.

For over 25 years we've been distributing our magazines to every home in Toronto's most sought-after markets, reaching eight of Canada's top ten postal codes based on income and net worth. We're more affordable than Canada Post, and when you deliver your inserts with Post City magazines, you can rely on the fact that distribution is as important to us as it is to you, because we need to ensure our award-winning magazines reach every home every month, guaranteed.

  • Choose the area's you want to reach.
  • Exclusivity! We limit the number of inserts in any one magazine to six.
  • Rates starting as low as 6.9¢ per piece. NOTE: Rates are based on size and weight.

How We Get There

Distribution: Seven private distribution companies deliver our magazines to every home in our neighbourhoods. Our crews distribute over 171,000 magazines each month for a total of over two million copies delivered each year!

Quality Control: As the publication is being delivered, our independent field auditors, Marshall & Associates, report hourly on all seven distribution companies to ensure the quality of our delivery.  In addition, two Post City dispatchers are out in the field every month performing a separate audit on our behalf.

Audited Circulation: We’ve retained Verified Audit Circulation as a third party audit company; we pay them—but they work for you. We also use random telephone surveys, regular quarterly computerized reports and surprise visual spot checks.

Our Distribution Guarantee: If there is a problem after door-to-door delivery has been completed, we guarantee delivery of the magazine to that household within 5 business hours.

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