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Toronto's best movies al fresco

Outdoor movie nights have exploded in the city and, with so many to choose from, PostCity.com has narrowed in on this summer's best flicks. So grab a lawn chair, pop some kernels and get ready for a starry-skied trip down Hollywood lane.
July 31, 2010

Best places for the perfect pie in Toronto

It's true, nothing beats the smell of a home-baked pie wafting through summer air. However, if you think learning how to flute a pie crust involves playing a musical instrument, don't fear -- Postcity.com has picked Toronto's top three pie shops.
July 13, 2010

Toronto's best Paella and Stroopwafels for World Cup final

With Spain and Netherlands set to fight for football's ultimate prize in the World Cup final this Sunday, we investigate the best each nation has to offer in terms of nosh.
July 10, 2010

Best places to watch the Toronto Pride Parade

This Sunday's Pride Parade may be the perfect antidote to last weekend's violent show of G20 protesters. For those interested in watching the celebrations, PostCity.com has picked the top five spectator spots along the parade route.
July 02, 2010

Best places to spot a G20 leader in Toronto

Let's not kid ourselves. With the $1 billion price tag attached to the summit, the chances that you are going to see any of the G20 leaders, let alone get close enough to enjoy any of the following activities alongside them, is basically a joke. That said, for the curious citizens amongst us, we've compiled the following list of long shot hangouts for some political powerhouses.
June 26, 2010

Toronto's best eco-friendly haircut

So what exactly is an eco-friendly haircut, you ask? My fears of wind-powered clippers and patchouli-based unguents were unfounded. It turns out it's really quite similar to a standard haircut, except that Parlour takes pains to reduce their footprint at every step of the process.
June 18, 2010

Father's Day in Toronto: Top five gift ideas

Having a hard time shopping for dad this year? Before you head back to the tie table at Sears, check out our list of the top five Father's Day gifts Toronto has to offer.
June 15, 2010

Best places to watch the World Cup in Toronto

As one of the world's most culturally diverse cities, it should really come as no shock that the start of the World Cup is big news in the Big Smoke. Here's our comprehensive list of where you should watch the games.
June 10, 2010

Beat the heat at Toronto's best outdoor pools

While Toronto's cooling centres are one way to bring down body temperatures, there's an alternative that never goes out of style -- the swimming pool. PostCity.com has picked the best outdoor pools in the city, so be prepared to enter a new level of cool.
May 31, 2010

Best bike routes down to the waterfront

Finally -- sunshine and blue skies again. The type of weather that makes you want to hop on a bike and head down to the waterfront. PostCity.com talked to some of the top bikers in Hogtown to get the scoop on the best ways to avoid traffic and breeze your way down to the lake.
May 18, 2010

Best gift ideas for Mother's Day in Toronto

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and while macaroni cards may be out of the question, PostCity.com has picked the best stores to help say "I love you, mom" without all the pasta and glue.
May 07, 2010

Best patios for the parched in Toronto

Spring is here, so slip outside and sip a cold beverage on one of these three standout patio paradises.
May 06, 2010

Toronto's best Easter Sunday brunches

Those who say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day clearly fail to embrace the point of weekends, and the serenity provided by a few extra hours of sleep.
April 03, 2010

Best bicycle shops in Toronto

With Toronto's most beloved bike broker no longer in business — godspeed on wherever the ten-speed of life takes you, Igor — Post City takes a look at the best of the city's other cycle shops.
March 29, 2010

Best place to get your laptop fixed

Laptop Centre isn't in the most picturesque part of town. But, if you've managed to smash your IBM ThinkPad or discovered your MacBook's keyboard is dead, aesthetics is probably low on your list of concerns.
March 01, 2010

Valentine's Day spots for T.O. singles

It's almost Valentine’s Day, and your social life has picked an inconvenient time to leave you single. We at Post City have a list of places singles can head to take their minds off of the big day.
February 13, 2010

Best Valentine's Day hotel/motel in Toronto

When it comes to where to spend your money this Valentine's Day, forget about dinner and drinks and start thinking about the digs.
February 13, 2010

Best cafe/bar: In transition in Parkdale

Opened in late 2009 by three veterans of the Toronto bar and nightlife scene, Francesca Zielinski, Julian Reyes and Duarte Carr, Blondie's has quickly made a name for itself, in large part to doing two very different things very well. During the day, Blondie's joins the ranks of area coffeehouse counterparts Salvador Darling turning out perfectly timed espresso-based beverages in the front of the bar's space. As the nine to five day ends, the space comes alive to the sounds of a rotating selection of DJs and party nights, often quickly packing people onto the intimate leather couches under the glow of antler chandeliers.
January 19, 2010

Go organic to put an end to your vino panic

Plenty of challenges for a winery looking to ditch chemicals
January 06, 2010

Best cappuccino: Luscious java in Leslieville

The secret has been out for a while now. That's why there is usually a lineup out the door. It isn't just Leslieville locals racing to get their morning pick-me-up anymore, the rest of Toronto has caught on.
November 10, 2009