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Cheap Eat of the Week: the rice-wrapped dough fritters from King’s Noodle Restaurant

Stroll through Chinatown and you can’t miss the tourists snapping photos of restaurants like King’s Noodle, with neon-orange squid, crispy roasted pork, soy sauce chicken and fatty roasted duck displayed in the window front.
January 07, 2013

Cheap Eat of the Week: a refreshingly interesting bowl of rice from Santouka Ramen

Last month, Santouka Ramen opened on Dundas Street East. While ramen is obviously the main reason to brave the cold and stand line for what’s been said to be a 15-minute to 60-minute wait time, don’t miss the rice bowls.  
December 17, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: a soul-warming bowl of soup from the new Sukhothai

Last Monday, super-popular Thai restaurant Sukhothai opened its much-anticipated second location at Wellington Street East, just west of Church, after much success with its sister restaurant, Khao San Road.
December 10, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: the soup-filled dumplings from Asian Legend

One staple of northern Chinese cuisine is the soup-filled dumpling with ground pork (six for $5.95 at Asian Legend). A first-time soup-filled dumpling eater will wonder two things: just how do they get the hot piping soup into the dumpling (like the Caramilk secret), and how on earth will I eat this?
December 03, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: a breakfast hoagie from OMG Baked Goodness

Looking for a Monday morning breakfast pick-me-up? Look no further than the breakfast sausage hoagies from OMG Baked Goodness, which are quickly becoming a daily ritual for me.
November 26, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: steamed custard buns from Kim Moon Bakery

Growing up, my family’s dim sum ritual was a weekly one, reserved for weekends and Saturday mornings after piano lessons. Our favourite has always been steamed BBQ pork buns. We would order them with military-like precision.
November 19, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: The Bristol Yard’s banoffee pie

Earlier this spring, The Bristol Yard opened as one of several British-inspired restaurants to join the city’s dining scene around the same time. From Sunday roast dinners to homemade, handmade pies to trivia nights, The Bristol Yard has quickly become a popular neighbourhood joint for locals and downtowners looking for a hearty plate of mushy peas and the like.
November 12, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: deep-fried garlic chili prawns from Gourmet Malaysia

It’s no secret that fried chicken is one of my favourite things in the world. A close second is spicy seafood, an obsession recently spearheaded by the bucket of shrimp from Playa Cabana; then, there was the true Anton Ego moment of digging into chili crab and black pepper crab at Long Beach in Singapore. But the new obsession was finally confirmed last weekend during a family dinner at Gourmet Malaysia in Scarborough.
November 05, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: south Indian doughnuts from Udupi Palace

Opened in 2001 in Toronto’s Little India neighbourhood, Udupi Palace specializes in south Indian vegetarian cuisine but also offers northern Indian fare as well as fusion dishes, incorporating Asian flavours.
October 29, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: tea and macarons at Queen West’s Nadège Patisserie

Saturday afternoons are meant for brunch at The County General, then a stroll through Trinity Bellwoods Park ­­­­ — or at least past it to pick up some goodies, whether it’s a coffee stop at White Squirrel, a croissant stop (if you’re lucky) at Clafouti or over to Nadège Patisserie for fine French pastries and a colourful display of macarons fitting for the hues of fall.
October 22, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: the porcini mushroom wild rice bisque from RaviSoups

Brrrr. Light summery salads are gone and it’s one of my favourite times of the year: the season for hearty soups, spicy curries and giant bowls of noodles. Sure, there’s nothing like khao soi to hit the spot, but before Khao San Road, there was RaviSoups, the best soup in the city (without the attitude of Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi).
October 15, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: sweet and crispy egg rolls from Pacific Mall

The Chinese aren’t often lauded for their desserts. Sure, there are almond cookies, but dessert soups? An acquired taste. Recently, however, after being surprised by a friend with a pack of egg rolls from Pacific Mall, it didn’t take me long to realize that this dessert is one of my favourites, especially because of the memories it conjures up — of hours spent as a kid watching rolls being made with delight.
October 01, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: a traditional poutine — layered with extra cheese curds — from Poutini’s

It’s a classic, recurring problem. A dilemma, even. One that’s as enduring as Coke versus Pepsi or Mac versus PC. A predicament that we’ve all faced around midnight, as the hunger pangs or munchies increase while wandering down West Queen West, desperation beginning to set in: Poutini’s or Smokes?
September 17, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: a hearty bowl of Japanese noodles from Kinton Ramen

A few months ago, we were one of the first to tell you about Kinton Ramen in the once-tranquil Baldwin Village neighbourhood. Judging by the lineups outside, it seems that the city just can’t get enough ramen — even in the dead heat of summer.
August 27, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: a CHEESEWERKS sandwich in mac ‘n’ cheese form

The masterminds behind CHEESEWERKS, co-owners Kevin “The Big Cheese” Durkee and Tom Douangmixay, have created a temple to cheese across from the Thompson Hotel at Bathurst and Wellington.
August 20, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: liquid sustenance from Chantecler

Opened back in March, Chantecler has played a big part in the revitalization of Parkdale, offering a little more finesse and fine-tuning than you might expect on this block, which is often overshadowed by its tacos.
August 13, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: fried chicken from Paulette’s

There are few things in this world that I am as unabashedly passionate about as fried chicken. While in NYC, I’m partial to Momofuku Noodle Bar’s fried chicken meals (which they say is for four to eight people, but is really for 10 hungry people) or Harlem’s Red Rooster further uptown. For something closer to home, there’s The Stockyards’ fried chicken dinner, complete with slaw, or Chantecler’s cold fried chicken, served on lettuce wrap Sundays.
July 30, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: Restoran Malaysia’s roti

There are few places in the city that are quite as satisfying as Restoran Malaysia, up in Richmond Hill. Serving Malaysian cuisine — a unique mix of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Thai flavours — Restoran Malaysia offers some of the most unique, delicious and great-value food in the city. For the skeptics, don’t think twice: it is most definitely worth the drive outside of the TTC’s limits.
July 23, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: an icy-sweet dessert from Gelato Simply Italian

Sure, Hollywood Gelato may have started Toronto’s love affair with gelato over 10 years ago, but these days, my go-to spots in the Yonge and Eglinton or midtown areas are Il Gelatiere and Gelato Simply Italian, two shops offering what’s easily some of the best gelato in the city.
July 16, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: Owl of Minerva’s bimbimbap

It wasn’t so long ago that if you were looking for some late night eats in Toronto, you’d be hard pressed to find something nutritious, delicious and cheap. Up in Koreatown at Bloor and Christie, the quick, convenient and always reliable Owl of Minerva has been a great 24-hour destination for years.
July 09, 2012