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Cheap Eat of the Week: a meaty, wonton-filled soup at King’s Noodle Restaurant

There’s something to be said about being able to step into a restaurant, ask for a table for two and be seated almost immediately. In a city where reservation policies are quickly becoming extinct, it will often take careful planning and old fashioned Twitter-scouring to see how long you might have to wait in line to get a taste of your favourite taco, lobster roll or bowl of ramen.
June 04, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: “pudding” at The Grove

It may not be news to you, but “pudding” means dessert in England. I didn’t find this out until a second visit to the U.K. for another meal at the rural gastropub The Sportsman, far away from the busy streets of London and the reaches of Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal.
May 28, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: Vietnamese bun with grilled and spicy pork at Pho Hung

Sure, they say that hot, spicy foods are best for warm summer days to help you sweat and cool down. But sometimes the last thing you want when the humidity has reached South East Asian proportions is a steaming-hot bowl of pho.
May 14, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: a nutty, fruity, chocolately dessert at Chococrêpe

New to Toronto’s finicky crêpe circuit is Chococrêpe, a café and crêperie that opened near Queen and Bathurst a few months ago. It brings to mind Café Crêpe, which opened over a decade ago across from the (then) City TV and Much Music building, before big brands began to take over Queen Street, pushing the artsy crowds west. Chococrêpe is this decade’s response to the new West Queen West crowd.
March 05, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: Guu SakaBar’s maguro tataki

Like a younger sibling, Guu SakaBar is the less-hyped version of Toronto’s original Guu location on Church Street. Of the two, SakaBar always gets my vote for its location, its vastly shorter line-ups and the fact that the place doesn’t feel like it has to prove itself.
February 27, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: the tofu stew at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

When it comes to fighting off biting cold temperatures this time of the year, a visit to Toronto’s Koreatown at Christie and Bloor is always the perfect solution. When the mercury drops to -15 degrees, just hop into one of a handful of restaurants like Owl of Minerva, Tofu Village or Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu and you’ll find hordes of hungry students, local residents and even tattooed hipsters all huddled over hot bowls of Korean dishes like pork bone soup, kimchi stew or bibimbap.
January 30, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: one of the many eclectic offerings from Fuel House’s new snack menu

Back in November, we went to check out Fuel House to see what it was all about. It had just opened, so owners Mike Dolegowski and Mackenzie Chiu (of catering company M3 Foods) were keeping things simple — not to mention trendy — with a small menu of soups, salads and sandwiches like the pork belly banh mi ($7.50) or the pulled turkey ($7.50).  
January 23, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: Tavolino’s shrimp po’ boy

Opened about a month ago on King Street West, Tavolino’s concept is all about Italian-style hot gourmet sandwiches. Keeping good company with other new-ish sandwichy spots like Lou Dawgs, The One That Got Away, ZOë’s Bakery Café, Reggie’s Old Fashioned Sandwiches and Big Smoke Burger, Tavolino gives King West locals another great lunchtime option at a similar price point.
January 09, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: the addictively sweet key lime vaso at Grand Electric

Quietly opened in November, Grand Electric has given Torontonians another excuse to make their way west to Parkdale. In addition to mainstays like The Rhino or The Parkdale Drink, the strip now boasts spots like Parts & Labour, Keriwa Cafe, Cowbell and Local Kitchen & Wine Bar.
January 03, 2012

Cheap Eat of the Week: The County General’s apple cider

The holidays aren’t quite over yet, which means there’s still time to indulge in comforting treats like latkes or gingerbread. For me, it’s about the tastes and smells of the season: peppermint mochas, shortbread cookies and especially homemade apple cider mulling on the stove, with aromas of maple syrup, cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice, berries, orange and lemon wafting through the air.
December 26, 2011

Cheap Eat of the Week: the Korean fried chicken at 416 Snack Bar

Let’s say you finished dinner a few hours ago. You had one too many rounds at the bar and now you’re hankering for some good, cheap eats before heading home. At one time, there was little choice: a trip to Chinatown for some barbecue pork at Goldstone or a hearty bowl of soup at Pho Pasteur would probably have been in order. 
December 19, 2011

Cheap Eat of the Week: Yuzu’s oyster shooter

Opened in 2008, Yuzu Sushi and Sake Bar on Adelaide has become a name synonymous with great sushi in the heart of downtown Toronto. After all, it’s not always possible to spend three hours over a dinner at Hashimoto or drop a hundred bucks on the omakase at Sushi Kaji (not to mention the drive out to the west end).  
December 12, 2011

Cheap Eat of the Week: a piping hot bowl of Japanese noodles at Kenzo Ramen

Winter is here to stay — even though it hasn’t quite arrived yet — and when guarding against the biting cold weather, there’s nothing as soothing as a steaming hot, hearty bowl of Japanese ramen.
November 28, 2011

Cheap Eat of the Week: Acadia’s cornbread

Just opened this summer, it certainly didn’t take long for Toronto to fall head over heels for Acadia Restaurant & Bar.  Tucked away — just the way its customers like it — on Clinton St. in Little Italy, across from the somehow-always-packed Café Diplomatico, there’s magic happening in the kitchen here.
November 21, 2011

Cheap Eat of the Week: El Trompo’s tacos al pastor

It used to be really hard to come by Mexican food  — and I mean real Mexican food — in this city. When you had a nasty hankering for tacos, you had to make do.
November 14, 2011

Cheap Eat of the Week: the Holy Chuck burger

As far as Toronto’s burger joints go, it seems like slightly irreverent themes are all the rage. The Burger’s Priest, for example, is owned by a former seminary school student, and the burgers are named to suit: the Vatican City, the Priest, the High Priest, the Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel and so on. There’s even a message of gospel on the website.
November 07, 2011

Cheap Eat of the Week: L’Unità’s mascarpone cannoli

Located at Av and Dav, L’Unità is as Yorkvillian as ONE or Sassafraz for the quality of food and service, but it’s also decidedly Annex-esque with its laid back Italian osteria-wine-bar vibe. Romantic tables in the back with low-hanging, bare light bulbs also make this a great spot for a first or second date. 
September 26, 2011

Homage to ’80s high on style not substance

THIS TOWN IS overrun with burger joints. And you don’t need to be a vegetarian to feel the strain. Restaurateurs who decide to open up yet another place for patties best have a dedicated, original spin on the theme. Retro Burger approaches the trend with a 1980s angle, and in this way, they succeed.
October 03, 2010

Rockin’ rolls

Former Nobu chef shines
September 02, 2010

Upscale Vietnamese

Ave & Eg bistro takes bold step
July 28, 2010