Olde Time Summer Guide

Our nostalgic guide to summer in the city with classic libations, ice cream sammies, flicks at the drive-in and where to learn the lindy hop


Throwback Festivals

Burlesque Fest

The Virgin Mobile Mod Club, July 24 to 27
Check out this titillating fest that is quite the, erm, feast for the eyes. Acts include Agatha Frisky and the Harlettes.

Aloha Toronto

Balmy Beach Club, July 12 & August 24
Don a hibiscus and make like the Hawaiians at this island-style party that includes a traditional dance performance.

Taste Of Jazz

Woodbine Park, July 22 to 23
This beloved T.O. festival is always a happening summer highlight. Taste winningly pairs music with gourmet food trucks.

It’s Tiki Time

Tropical tipples

House that cocktail in something a touch more tropical, be it a coconut mug, a rather demure-looking parrot or, for those with more restrained sensibilities, an old-fashioned glass etched with pineapples.
BYOB, 972 Queen St. W., byobto.com

Come to light

Tiki torches in stainless steel will pep up the patio and are environmentally friendly to boot, burning citronella oil. For an instant ambience boost, toss in some leis and you’re on the path to your very own luau.
Insideout, 1280 Castlefield Ave., insideoutpatio.ca

Gogo for toko

A custom tiki bar is the pièce de résistance of a tiki paradise, and this Canuck company crafts customized patio sets that will actually last through the winter. A bamboo bar with a thatched roof can be combined with a realistic palm tree fit with a mister, ensuring parties stay cool.
Tiki Escapes, tikiescapes.com

Split A Split

Do the splits

Recently relocated a mere stone’s throw from the original spot, this chipper ice cream locale keeps it classic. The banana split, housed in a waffle bowl, is tricked out with your choice of ice cream, whipped cream and oodles of fruit.
Dutch Dreams, 36 Vaughan Rd.

Ice is nice

These killer ice pops sure take the cake. Janet Dimond’s handcrafted pops are
all-natural and bursting with fruit. Nifty flavour combos include honeydew, green apple and cucumber or tangerine buttermilk.
Augie’s Gourmet Ice Pops, Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market, 550 Bayview Ave.

Shake it like a…

Shake ‘em if you got ‘em. At the city’s most well-recognized classic diner (that never closes) add half a slice of fresh-baked apple pie and some organic caramel syrup to a traditional vanilla milkshake, taking it to the next level.
The Lakeview Restaurant, 1132 Dundas St. W.

Beachy treat

While on a jaunt to the beach, pick up a (surprisingly) vegan “ice cream” sammie at this charmingly retro spot. Gluten-free oatmeal choco chip cookies hug a lick of chocolate faux cream in this tasty treat.
Tori’s Bakeshop, 2188 Queen St. E.

Get your hoof on

Make like a hepcat

If you love to swing, then you’ll definitely enjoy this lively and uninhibited variation of the jitterbug — the jive. Or if you’re light on your feet, try applying those crazed dancing skills to the Peabody.
Ballroom on Bayview, 1578 Bayview Ave.

Swingin’ ‘round

Shake a tail feather on over to Bayview and Sheppard, where you can learn how to do everything from the foxtrot to the quirkily named lindy hop, which has its roots in 1920s Harlem.
Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 27 Rean Dr., #7 & 8

The bird’s feathers

Grab a partner and learn how to do the Charleston with the best of ‘em. As Louis Armstrong plays overhead, newbie dancers learn the moves at this beginner-friendly clubhouse.
Bees’ Knees Dance, 805 Dovercourt Rd.

Burnin’ rubber

Let your hair loose in the wind

A convertible isn’t the most logical vehicle for our climate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one for a day. Rent a Ford 1966 classic Mustang convertible and indulge your rebellious teen self.
Affinity Luxury Car Rental, 7115 Yonge St., Thornhill

Crosstown rumble ride 

Have a vintage motorcycle you’re dying to take out for a spin? On Aug. 16, join Mods and Rockers Toronto as they ride crosstown on their classic bikes. Start the day-long event with a coffee buzz at 11 a.m.
Meet at Macpherson Ave., west of Davenport Road

Retro roller skates

Equipped with mini disco balls, strobe lights and rope lights, Hogtown’s largest in-line skating spot is ripe for an old-fashioned roller skating party. They supply the equipment, you bring the fun!
Rinx Real Entertainment, 65 Orfus Rd.


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